Platoon: The Darker Side of Humanity

A war flick that starred Charlie Sheen, Willem Dafoe, Tom Berenger, Keith David, Kevin Dillon, Johnny Depp, and John C. McGinley, Platoon is based on the Vietnam War. A masterpiece by Oliver Stone, this war movie was his answer to The Green Berets, another war flick by John Wayne. Due to the movie’s stunning portrayal of the effects of war on the psyche of soldiers and the moral ambiguity as a result of warfare, Platoon earned several Academy Awards — Best Picture, Best Sound, Best Film Editing, and Best Director.

The plot involved a group of soldiers belonging to different squads who were assigned to the 25th Infantry Division in Vietnam. Throughout the movie, the audience is exposed to the horrors of war and the violence inflicted not only by the Viet Cong but also by some American soldiers. The release of this film in 1986 was very apt. During the eighties, the general attitude towards veterans of the Vietnam war has softened.

To solidify the movie’s status as an influential cinematic piece, Platoon was hailed by the American Film Institute as the 86th flick in its 100 Best American Movies list.

If you’re into movie trivia, Platoon was actually shot in Luzon, Philippines during the time of then President Ferdinand Marcos. A scheduled film production was almost canceled due to the political tension between Ferdinand Marcos and his political opponents. Fortunately, the scheduled shoot was not canceled because a well-renowned producer in Asia helped out.

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