Having a Very Nice Time with Borat

For a movie that’ll let you temporarily forget your problems, Borat is probably a good choice. Brimming with hilarious slapstick comedy and wacky scenes that’ll make you cringe with embarrassment, Borat is an original and revolutionary comedy flick. A unique mockumentary of a reporter from Kazakhstan, Borat explores America by “unintentionally” offending innocent citizens through his hilariously rude Kazakhstani way.

The character Borat originally appeared in the Comedy Nation although still unnamed. With the success of Cohen’s other alter-ego — Ali G, Cohen brought Borat back into character.

Between the scene wherein Borat mangles the national anthem and the unforgettable “fight scene” wherein Borat wrestles with his overweight sidekick while wearing nothing, this movie definitely deserves all the attention.

Through this movie, Borat was able to create a unique satire about stereotypes and common prejudices that many Americans have towards other cultures. To fully enjoy this movie, you have to look beyond Borat’s funny accent, broken English, and bad toilet habits. Many of the scenes and dialogues may seem offending but when you look at the movie in a deeper way, you will see the reality behind prejudices and cultural stereotypes. Borat’s character aimed to point out ridiculous prejudices and cultural stereotypes that have shaped the American culture. Unfortunately, his method of pointing out such prejudices through a mockumentary raised not only eyebrows but also touched the nerves of several organizations and cultural groups. Despite lawsuits and complaints from various groups however, Borat was very successful in his goal.

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