Stuck in Office Space

Stuck in a dead-end job? Then Office Space is the perfect movie for you. A masterpiece by Mike Judge, Office Space is full of witty and sarcastic dialogue that made it a cult flick. The story behind Office Space revolved around Peter Gibbons (portrayed by Ron Livingston) and his increasing disappointment with his dead-end job. As an employee working at a software company, he gets bored with his work and gets fed up with his nemesis, insincere office manager Bill Lumbergh (Gary Cole). Due to a series of unusual events, however, Peter Gibbons was able to transfer to a more fulfilling job in the construction industry.

Office Space wasn’t a box office hit but it is definitely a classic cult flick that reflected common themes and issues among generic employees and office workers. As a result, the movie introduced unforgettable lines, jargons, and stereotyped characters in the workplace. As a proof of the movie’s cult flick status, several jargons have actually entered real-life office environments. Such jargons include “TPS report” which refers to pointless paperworks, the phrase “a case of the Mondays,” and “pieces of flair” which refers to worthless trinkets worn by Joanna (Jennifer Aniston) as a job requirement. Several commercials and TV shows have also made references to Office Space due to the movie’s cultural impact.

If you think your personality has been stamped out by an emotionless corporation, grab a movie shirt featuring Gary Cole as he portrays an emotionless and insincere boss while holding a mug. Along with Gary Cole’s image is an unforgettable line from the movie that reads “Um… Yeah… I’m Gonna Need You to Come in on Saturday.” An ode to stereotypical bosses who enjoy small, superficial talk with their employees, this movie shirt is the perfect get-up when your boss requires you to work on a Saturday.

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